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a451 Digital Marketing based in Chichester is here to help SMEs to create and retain customers.

We have developed a simple six step process to improve website performance and drive business growth.



Step 1: Discovery

Define what you want to achieve, how you will measure it and how you will communicate with your Customers. 



Step 2: Audit and Planning

Identify the most effective way to create and keep Customers within your budget and within your timescale.

Step 3: Optimisation

Improve what works and fix what doesn’t. Make incremental, measurable changes across all areas to grow Customers.


Step 4: Content Creation

Produce content based on data that solve problems and provides value for Customers on your online channels.

Step 5: Engagement

Engagement tools to communicate directly with Customers for sales today and growth tomorrow.

Step 6: Authority Building

Customer feedback to build your online reputation across all channels and campaigns.

From Our Clients

‘Since David has been optimising our website, we have seen a substantial increase in traffic both to the website and enquiry levels/orders are both markedly up on the previous year.

Running a company is time-consuming enough without feeling that you have to understand every piece of technology that the company uses and it gives us peace of mind that someone is overseeing this vital part of the process by keeping the website optimised, relevant and progressing.’

Managing Director

Sector, Home and Garden

“With a451 we enjoyed an increase in both our organic and paid traffic to the site site but more importantly an increase in customers”

Owner Manager

Sector, Automotive

“Despite the Covid 19 lockdown a451 assist us in continuing to take bookings for next year and positioned us in prime position when our facilities reopened”

Marketing Director

Sector, Leisure

“We were very impressed with the professional and proactive way with which a451 approached the search engine marketing. We valued their strategic advice, implementation process and detailed analytics reporting”

Head of Digital and Content

Sector, Aerospace

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We can improve your digital marketing and website performance to drive business growth.

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