SEO, PPC and Content



“The business enterprise has two basic functions…

marketing and innovation

… all the rest are costs” – P. Drucker


A detailed audit of your website will define the online marketing strategy. We look at core SEO areas including site-wide, on-page and content. Issues that need to be addressed will be listed in priority order based on creating and retaining Customers.


The tracking and analysis of data is the cornerstone of online marketing. We utilise analytic services to gain the knowledge and understanding of how your Customers are interacting with your website and campaigns and turn them into sales.


SEO provides one of the most cost effective source of Customer lead generation. Our SEO process is tailored  to attracting users to your website using our expertise and specialist tools. All our work is open and detailed to you to ensure the best results.


Content based on Customer analysis supports SEO and other campaign objectives. Targeted content, based on data, will attract the greatest number of potential Customers to your website and campaigns.


Pay Per Click advertising can provide rapid results in attracting customers to the website. A carefully monitored and targeted PPC campaign provides you Customers and control of the cost per acquisition.


You can increase the number of leads, develop relationships, and move visitors through the sales funnel by the use of automated interaction. Integrate your CRM and automate communications with your Customers

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